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DEA Special Agent
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Special Agent Ed Waters (born 1947) is an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration investigating the smuggler extortion cases in the Miami area, and arranges for a non-sanctioned mission to end the attacks with Metro-Dade authorities, involving James "Sonny" Crockett, Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, and Trudy Joplin. He arranges for the smuggler Roberto Morales to identify Tubbs as his cousin, which gets him to see Grocero, false criminal files on both Crockett & Tubbs, and $1 million to make a cocaine buy and bring it into Miami, Waters would then circulate an interagency memo about their activities which would lure out the extortionists. After Homicide Lieutenant Jones is revealed to be the brains behind the operation, Waters is stunned that someone on his side would do such things, but Tubbs reminds him that the power of M-O-N-E-Y can make any good cop go bad.