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Ed McCain


Member, Overtown Youth Rehab Project
Mentor to Archie Ellis
Episode Appeared In
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Ed McCain worked for the Overtown Youth Rehab Project, trying to help downtrodden youth in the Overtown area (and has seen the young men there end up in gangs, in jail, or dead). While working there he met the grandmother of student Archie Ellis, who told him about her grandson, and he took Ellis under his wing, being his mentor. Ellis became a star wide receiver with Eastside High, with college scholarship offers abounding. But Ellis needed money for football shoes, and being too proud to ask for them, arranged to get money for dropping off a package from his friend Luther, which turned out to be drugs, and Ellis is busted by James "Sonny" Crockett. When McCain goes to see Crockett about Ellis' situation, Crockett gets Ellis a free walk for working with the detectives to get Luther. But when Luther is charged as a juvenile, and in an attempt to get Luther's source, Curtis "Count" Walker in on murder (since six teenagers were found dead inside Luther's lair from ODs of drugs sold from Walker) A.D.A. William Pepin revokes Ellis' deal and forces Ellis to wear a wire to get incriminating evidence on Walker--or Ellis goes to jail on the original trafficking charge. McCain is enraged and begs Ellis not to do it (knowing the consequences if his wire is discovered), but Ellis agrees to, and is successful in getting the confession, but Walker discovers the wire and shoots Ellis dead, much to Crockett's intense distress. After Ellis' death, Crockett goes to see the family, but McCain refuses to let him in, feeling Crockett was as responsible for Ellis' death as Walker and Pepin.