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Doc Jerry


Accomplice of Wilson and Cruz
Deceased, shot dead by Cruz
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Doc Jerry was part of a conspiracy to commit an armed robbery of an armored car (along with Cruz and Wilson), and while they were sentenced to prison when they wouldn't identify their accomplices, Jerry took the stash (nearly $1 million) and hid it out in the woods until the cons could get out and claim it. In 1988, Wilson and Cruz were attending a prison concert when a riot broke out, both Wilson and Cruz were smuggled out in music equipment boxes, turned on and murdered the man who helped then escape, then picked up Scotty McKenna, who was the driver of the getaway car, and went looking for Jerry. En route they carjacked two people, set fire to a gas station booth, tied up a real estate agent who was selling Jerry's previous residence (he moved into the country after the robbery), and took a woman, Kathleen Gilfords, hostage. After finding Jerry, Wilson and Cruz went looking for the money, but could not find it--Jerry had taken the million and invested it in the stock market, when it crashed in 1987 he lost all the money. Jerry then makes a desperate attempt to kill Cruz but his gun was empty, however Cruz's wasn't, and he shot Jerry dead.