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Diego Moya


Drug dealer
Boxing promoter
Deceased, shot dead by Metro-Dade SRT trying to rip off Eddie Rivers and Louis Martinez
Pepe Moya (brother)
No information

Diego Moya was a drug dealer and boxing promoter who used Santería statues to smuggle his product into Miami. He was the brother of Pepe Moya.

Diego was killed during an OCB sting operation when he tried to rip off Louis Martinez and Eddie Rivers, two teenagers who had agreed to smuggle his product for him.


Diego managed a group of boxers based in the gym managed by his brother Pepe Moya, but his principle source of income was dealing in cocaine, which he smuggled into Miami in Santería statues before refining it at a lab in the city. He frequently used inexperienced kids to mule his product into the country, promising them huge profits from their one-time deals but in fact ripping them off and killing them when they made the exchange.

Among the kids fooled into working for Diego were New York teenagers Louis Martinez and Eddie Rivers. However, when the would-be smugglers were caught by Crockett and Tubbs, they were forced to help bring Diego down. They set up a deal with the dealer, but when Diego pulled a gun and prepared to kill Louis and Eddie rather than pay them, he was shot dead by a Metro-Dade SRT sniper.