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Diane Gordon


Younger Sister of Valerie Gordon
Deceased, killed by Lile with lethal injection of cocaine
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Diane Gordon (1965-1985) was the younger sister of NYPD Detective Valerie Gordon. Valerie took care of Diane from age 8, after she got out of school she couldn't find any work, so her and a few friends went on a road trip, got as far as Chicago before Diane called her sister for money. A few weeks later Diane's friends returned to Brooklyn without her, Diane having went for a walk and never came back...which began a six month search for Diane by Valerie. Diane ended up in Miami and met Lile, who worked for David Traynor. Lile bought her lunch, clothes, and introduced her to the world of call girls. One client in particular, Roberto Marquez, a diplomat, took a liking to Diane, paying $5000 for one night. Diane also became addicted to drugs. Valerie found Diane on a tape that Metro-Dade Vice Detectives Stan Switek and Larry Zito made (infiltrating a Traynor party in their extermination covers), so Valerie's old friend and flame, Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs got into another Traynor party and bodily removed Diane and brought her to Valerie. Diane was irate and indignant about Valerie taking her away from the parties and the money but Valerie reiterated her love for her sister while she was in rehab. Diane decided to return to New York with Valerie, but before leaving she called Traynor to say goodbye, but he managed to get Diane's location out of her before hanging up, and sent Lile over to "take care of her" (to avoid Diane talking to the D.A. and taking a third felony fall), so Lile sneaked into the rehab center under the guise of bringing someone flowers, and injected Diane while she was sleeping with a fatal dose of cocaine. Valerie avenged her death by killing Traynor.