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Debra Feuer


Miami Vice Character
Mickey Rourke (1981-1989, divorced)
Scott Fuller (one daughter)

Debra Feuer appeared as Celeste, wife of drug lord Oscar Carrera and lover of Sonny Burnett after Carrera's death in the episodes "Hostile Takeover" and "Redemption in Blood" of the series Miami Vice.

Feuer was married to actor Mickey Rourke from 1981 until their 1989 divorce, she later married cameraman Scott Fuller, they have one daughter, Jessica Ruby (born 1998), and is currently a yoga teacher and stay-at-home mom.

Selected Filmography

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1977 Beyond Reason First movie appearance
1978 Fantasy Island (TV series) First TV appearance
1980 The Hollywood Knights
1985 To Live and Die in L.A. John Turturro
Dean Stockwell
1987 Crime Story (TV series) Dennis Farina
Bill Smitrovich
John Santucci
1988 Homeboy Jon Polito
Kevin Conway
Ruben Blades
1989 Desperado: The Outlaw Wars (TV movie) Most recent TV appearance James Remar
Brad Dourif
Tom Bower
Brion James
1990 Night Angel Karen Black
1992 Under Cover of Darkness Most recent movie appearance Keith Szarabajka
Kim Coates


2009 Interview with Debra Feuer