David Traynor

David Traynor
Head of call girl ring
Deceased, killed by Valerie Gordon
Episode Appeared In
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David Traynor (1957-1985) is head of a Miami-based call-girl ring under the guise of a "modeling agency". Traynor looks for new "talent" and sends agents (like Lile) to find naive, desperate, new to area girls to get into his stable by "wining and dining" them (and purchase new clothes), like they did Diane Gordon, a girl from New York who ended up in Miami. Lile took Diane to see Traynor, who agreed to put her into his "agency", offering her to diplomat Roberto Marquez for $5000. He also was ruthless when one of his girls refuses his orders; allegedly having Lile kill one that refused to service a client. Traynor had been hit with two felonies previously and was desperate to avoid a third so when Diane decided to return to New York after being reunited with her sister and guardian, Valerie Gordon, Traynor got her rehab address and sent Lile to "take care of her"; kill her by overdosing her on cocaine. After acting flippant about Diane's death under interrogation (and nearly getting assaulted by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs) Valerie took revenge by going to Traynor's apartment, wounding Lile, and shooting Traynor dead after Tubbs and his partner James "Sonny" Crockett killed Lile.

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