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David Jones


Singer at bar
Former boyfriend of Trudy Joplin
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David Jones is a singer, performing in a bar in Miami. Years earlier, he and Metro-Dade Detective Trudy Joplin were in a relationship that ended, primarily due to Trudy's profession. Later, when Trudy shot and killed a suspect after a car chase, she couldn't be alone and "needed someone", so she sought out Jones at a bar and they rekindled their romance. However, Jones had some friends that were involved in shady deals, one being Adonis Jackson, who kept hitting on Trudy both amorously and professionally (wanting to sell her drugs). Jones took Trudy to his friends' parties, but drug use was rampant and blatant, and Trudy asked to leave because she wanted to bust everyone there, angering Jones who wanted her to "leave the badge outside". Jones offered to take Trudy to Jamaica to see where their new relationship would go, but after Jackson was busted at Jones' club, he broke up with Trudy again, saying she "has no honor, no soul" after he felt Trudy used him to get at his friends.