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David Blakeney


South Beach Policeman
Injured in car accident going after Victor Davila
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David Blakeney is a South Beach policeman, partner with Tommy Solen. In 1985 a cop-killer practicing the Santeria religion killed two other South Beach policemen, leaving religious symbols behind. Solen and Blakeney showed up at the crime scene, bent on revenge. It was found later that Solen, Blakeney, and the two deceased cops were part of an extortion scheme where they were making large amounts of money, maxing their credit cards and other bills then paying them in full within a month. Later Solen and Blakeney were at a bar where they were confronted by Metro-Dade detective James "Sonny" Crockett who challenged the cops and was involved in a barfight, after which they threatened to do harm to Crockett if he didn't back off. Later Solen and his wife were found dead by Blakeney, killed by Davila, and Blakeney stormed Davila's house, bent on revenge again, but his 4x4 was shot up by Davila's men and crashed, but Blakeney survived.