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Girlfriend of Stan Switek
Ex-Girlfriend of Larry Zito
Broke up with Switek after he and Zito went to save Izzy Moreno and Noogie Lamont
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Darlene was the previous girlfriend of Larry Zito, later started dating Stan Switek, and moved in with Switek, bringing numerous boxes of stuff. She is a fan of Princess Diana, hanging a picture with her baby son Harry. When Zito's house blew up due to a natural gas leak, Switek took his friend in, and found his "habits" were interfering with any romantic interludes with Darlene. Darlene also had a thing for her hair, not permitting anyone to touch it, not even Switek. Darlene also thinks Switek is being held back by Zito from his full potential (the same thing she said to Zito when she dated him), but Switek finally decided his job and best friend were more important than Darlene's high-maintenance ways, and Darlene left him.