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Danielle Hier


INTERPOL Inspector
Deceased, shot dead by James "Sonny" Crockett before she can kill Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
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Danielle Hier is a French INTERPOL Inspector working for Francois Zolan. She started with INTERPOL in 1981 and worked her way up to Inspector, but is also wanted as an international terrorist, being involved in the sinking of a Greenpeace boat off New Zealand in 1985, and is using INTERPOL as her cover.

In 1986 Zolan sent Hier to the United States to eliminate French CIA agent Sirat Bandi, who is thought to have turned to the other side after killing a delivery driver for pharmaceutical morphine. Danielle and Zolan communicate on Bandi's whereabouts, but she does not disclose any of these conversations to Metro-Dade, who is working with INTERPOL to find Bandi before he kills a teen-ager, Cindy, who took a picture of the killing. Bandi tracks down and shoots Cindy, but does not kill her, then Danielle works with buyers Sullivan and Lipton to purchase the morphine from Bandi. During this time, James "Sonny" Crockett and Danielle develop a mutual attraction, and they spend the night together. Twice Danielle had knowledge of potential traps Bandi set for the police but failed to tell them. Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs ran Danielle through the computers and found out her secret and wanted her to leave, but during the drug deal, Danielle kills Bandi, threatens to kill Tubbs and make it look like Bandi did it, but Crockett finds Danielle and shoots her down before she can kill Tubbs.