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Dan Shaw


Campaign Manager for Congresswoman Madelyn Woods
Incarcerated, attempted murder of Martin "Marty" Castillo
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Dan Shaw was the campaign manager for Congresswoman Madelyn Woods. Extremely conscious of her image, he advises her when she sounds too forceful about her anti-drug crusade, and wants Woods re-elected at all costs. In 1989 she was starting her re-election campaign when Woods' son Lewis was implicated in a drug trafficking ring ran by Sebastian Ross, who stopped in to get the part of his drug shipment Lewis stole. Shaw wanted to listen to Ross' plan, and to get the police off their back, set up Martin "Marty" Castillo by using parts of a conversation Woods recorded and spliced in with a drug-related conversation to make it look like the Lieutenant was dealing himself and used the tape to blackmail Castillo. When Castillo confronted Woods, Shaw shot Castillo at close range, wounding him, and was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer.