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Dale "Giff" Gifford


Informant to Crockett and Tubbs
Deceased, killed by Vanessa in 1984
Played By

Dale Gifford, better known as Giff, was an accountant and money launderer who served as an informant for James "Sonny" Crockett. Among his clients was Louis McCarthy -- whose girlfriend Vanessa was having a secret affair with Giff in return for his funnelling money from McCarthy's accounts into hers.

When Vanessa attempted to end her relationship with Giff, he responded by threatening to tell McCarthy about the funds he was secretly skimming for her; Vanessa to kill him to ensure his silence.


Giff was a prominent Miami accountant who helped several of the city's wealthy criminals launder money. He was known to Metro-Dade, and stayed out of jail by working as an informant for James "Sonny" Crockett, helping to put six of his clients behind bars. When Crockett and Tubbs began investigating Louis McCarthy, another of the accountant's clients, they approached Giff to look at his books, but discovered that McCarthy's financial dealings were all above board. They did, however, learn that Giff was secretly skimming funds from McCarthy's accounts and depositing them in the account of his girlfriend Vanessa -- unknown to the Vice cops, Vanessa was also having an affair with Giff in return for his financial misdeeds.

Vanessa subsequently became romantically involved with Tubbs, and at a party at McCarthy's house she attempted to break off her affair with Giff. Humiliated, Giff threatened to go to McCarthy and reveal the money he had been skimming for her. It proved to be a fatal mistake, as Vanessa shot Giff in the back of the head, killing him instantly, before dumping his body into the bay. He was almost immediately recovered by shocked guests at the party, but Vanessa's involvement was not uncovered until Izzy, who had secretly witnessed the murder, informed Crockett of what had happened.