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Curtis "Count" Walker


Member of Fellas Gang
Drug Dealer
Incarcerated, murder of Archie Ellis and other drug deaths
Episode Appeared In
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Curtis "Count" Walker is a member of the Fellas gang in the Overtown section of Miami. He, along with fellow members Luther Johns and Ralph Mayberry ran a drug distribution network through the school system in the Overtown area. He rides in a chauffeur-driven limo, passing out money for kids, selling drugs to teenagers, and sending heavies to anyone who either owes money or tries to stop him. He doesn't work with anyone over 18 because Walker feels they would be more prone to deal with the police and "juvys" wouldn't because the worst they would get would be juvenile hall. When the police bust Luther for possession and find two dead kids inside, the prosecutor, William Pepin, feels pressured to bring murder one charges against Walker, but to get them, he forced Archie Ellis, an aspiring football star who made the mistake of trying to traffic drugs provided by Luther, to wear a wire for evidence from Walker. Walker did confess to the crimes, but suspected Ellis had a wire and when it was found, he killed Ellis in his limo, and Walker is taken to an adult jail, charged with murder one.