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South Beach Special Ops Detective
Deceased, shot dead by James "Sonny" Crockett during shootout
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Colon was a member of the South Beach Special Operations Squad (SOS), brought in with a group of 12 cubanos by Lieutenant Arturo Dominguez (who once arrested Colon) as part of a movement to hire more minorities after the 1980 McDuffie Riots. Most of the cubanos hired turned out to have criminal records, with Colon and three other cops, Andohar, Melendez, and Perez) all being in the same gang in Little Havana. Colon later brought in detective Montana Stone as lookout, and the gang began running raids on drug dealers SOS had under surveillance, killing the dealers and stealing their drugs, cash, and bling, then dividing it amongst the five of them. Colon later became suspicious of Stone when she kept wanting out, and of Dominguez, whom Colon and the gang shot and killed (along with Dominguez's wife) on his yacht. Colon later found out Stone had been busted by Metro-Dade and brought detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs in to get evidence to send Colon to jail, but a shoot-out ensued, James "Sonny" Crockett killed Colon but not before Stone was shot and killed as well.