Leader, Miami Aryan Brotherhood
Deceased, shot by James "Sonny" Crockett
Appeared In
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Coleman was the leader of the Miami branch of the Aryan Brotherhood. He and his men occasionally worked for José Yero, transporting contraband and offering enforcement services for the Montoya cartel. His Brotherhood was responsible for the ambush and murder of several undercover Federal agents investigating his gang, along with the murder of Alonzo Stevens' wife. Later, Yero called upon his services again to help eliminate Crockett and Tubbs when he became jealous of their new power within his cartel, and of Crockett's relationship with Isabella. Coleman's men kidnapped Trudy and held her in a trailer rigged with explosives in order to force the Vice team to deliver the load of drugs they were transporting on his terms, but Tubbs and Gina rescued her and the drugs remained in their possession. Coleman later accompanied Yero to a meeting with the Vice team, designed to be an ambush identical to the one that had claimed the lives of the FBI agents, but ultimately the Aryan Brotherhood lost the gun battle and Crockett gunned Coleman down, first shooting him in the legs and then finishing him off with a double headshot.

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