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Cliff King


Transport Chief and Assassin for drug lord Oscar Carrera
Deceased, killed in shootout by James "Sonny" Crockett/Sonny Burnett
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Cliff King was the head of transportation ("nothing moves without me") for the Carrera cocaine empire, using his connections with Commandante Emilio Salazar and network of landing areas to move the drugs efficiently into Miami. King is also a stone-cold killer and psycopath and will do so for money anytime. Carrera hired King to kill one of his rivals, Miguel Manolo, in 1988, prompting his brother, Ernesto El Gato Manolo, to seek revenge, and launching a full-scale drug war. King had been a faithful servant for Carrera for many years, but looked on with both admiration and jealousy at his "competition", Sonny Burnett (who worked for Manolo), as he moved up the power scale and placed himself in position (at a propitious moment) to seize control of the entire cartel. King, seeing this, made overtures toward Burnett and arranged to be his partner when his plan to break the father, Oscar, and son, Miguel apart completed, and agreed to use his transportation connections in concert with Burnett's organization and extensive drug connections to create the ultimate cartel where everyone shared in the profits. After the Carreras' deaths, Burnett succeeded to the top position, with King as his lieutenant, but King wanted more, and began to plant seeds in Salazar, Burnett's woman Celeste, and his people that Burnett could not be trusted due to his own issues of drug and alcohol use. Celeste, angry at Burnett for not meeting her "needs", set up a plan with King to kill Burnett in a car bombing, but Celeste warned Burnett at the last minute and the blast only injured him, but it changed Burnett back to his old identity of Detective James "Sonny" Crockett, who wanted to repent for his deeds by bringing down the very cartel he created. King told Burnett/Crockett about the latest drug shipment, but Crockett was exposed for a cop by one of the workers, and King prepared to kill him when Metro-Dade's SRT showed on the scene and a massive shootout ensued. King was ready to kill Crockett's partner, Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs (who was hanging off a beam) when Crockett shot King dead.