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Clarence Batisse


NYPD Officer (formerly)
DJ in club owned by Wango Mack
In Custody, Conspiracy
Pending Reinstatement by NYPD as of 1986
Episode Appeared In
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Clarence Batisse was a former officer with the City of New York Police Department and partner of Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. In 1978 Batisse and Tubbs were involved in a numbers bust, later Batisse shot one of the two suspects, and during the IAD investigation, it was determined that the suspects were unarmed, and Batisse was forced to resign from the force, later developing a festering hatred of his former partner (since it was Tubbs' testimony that he did not see a gun that resulted in Batisse being forced to resign), then his life spiraled out of control; his friends and his wife Emeretta's friends stopped calling, their kids were tormented in school, Emeretta committed suicide due to everything going on, and after the courts gave custody of their kids to Emeretta's mother (due to Batisse not being "fit")) Batisse was pushed close to suicide himself, but he moved to Miami, hooked up with his girlfriend Melody, and began a new life as a DJ for a club owned by Wango Mack. When Mack was involved in a drug deal with Tubbs (now also in Miami) for synthetic cocaine, Batisse's hatred came out and he blew Tubbs' cover. Batisse later arranged to kidnap Mack's cocaine chemist, Henry Luna, and claim another dealer, Sangres, did the kidnapping, demanded $1 million as ransom, but Luna died testing his own product, and Batisse set Tubbs up for a meet with Sangres which was actually a plan to have Mack's men kill his former partner. But Melody tells Batisse about Tubbs getting him reinstated with full back pay from NYPD after the other suspect admitted his partner had a gun, and he, along with Tubbs, succeeded in shooting down Mack and his men, then is taken away, without handcuffs, by his former partner.