Girlfriend of David
Recovering from gunshot wound inflicted by Sirat Bandi in 1986
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Cindy is a teenager who has a boyfriend, David, in the hospital recovering from injuries sustained in a skateboarding accident, and loves to take pictures, carrying her 35mm camera wherever she goes. On one visit to see David, Cindy sees Sirat Bandi, a French CIA agent, kill a delivery driver and take his package of pharmaceutical morphine, and snapped a picture of it, although blurry. The photo made page one of the newspaper, immediately putting a target on Cindy's back. Cindy was taken to a safe house by Metro-Dade detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, but Cindy managed to get away by calling her friend Carol, and she went to see David. Bandi (disguised as a maintenance man) overheard the conversation and was on the hospital rooftop when Cindy came out, escorted by Tubbs to Switek's van, but Bandi shot Cindy, wounding her, and was taken into the hospital under double guard until Bandi could be located.

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