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Deceased, killed by Ernesto Guerrero after being extorted by her pimp Shane DuBois
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Cinder was a prostitute, with a rap sheet of 13 prostitution-related arrests, including one in 1988. She was working with her pimp, Shane DuBois, on a scam where DuBois would take pictures of the various johns who would pick Cinder up, look up their license plates on a hacked connection to the DMV (where DuBois previously worked) and call the johns up to extort money from them in exchange for the pictures NOT to appear in the newspapers. In 1988, Cinder picked up Ernesto Guerrero, a Chilean National Policeman, and DuBois tried the same trick, but when Guerrero showed up to pay the extorted amount, he and his assistant Ramon shot both DuBois and Cinder dead, and burned the negatives.