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Club manager
Lieutenant for Lupo Ramirez
Incarcerated, attempted murder
Played By

Cinco (born 1952) was a lieutenant working for crime lord Lupo Ramirez and the manager of Club Ocho, a showbar in Miami. As well as overseeing the legitimate income the club brought in, Cinco also used the venue as a base for much of Ramirez' call girl action, and served as an occasional hitman for his boss.

He was shot and seriously wounded by Trudy following an attempted hit on her partner Gina, but presumably lived to testify against another Ramirez employee hunted by OCB, Sally Alvarado.


One of the principal lieutenants working for Lupo Ramirez, Cinco ran a sizeable portion of Ramirez' prostitution racket through the club he managed, Club Ocho. When Gina and Trudy went undercover in Ramirez' organization, they went to work for Cinco, picking up clients in the club. Gina (as Paula) immediately began pushing to meet Ramirez, but Cinco insisted she was not yet a high enough earner. However, as the profit she brought in increased, Cinco eventually introduced her to his boss.

Soon afterwards, Cinco discovered electronic surveillance equipment in a van parked near Club Ocho, including equipment used for a wiretap. Taking this information to Ramirez, both men agreed new girl Gina could be an informant, and Ramirez instructed Cinco to kill her. Cinco attempted make the hit at Gina's flat, but was interrupted by Crockett and Tubbs, who had been tipped off to his actions by Noogie and Trick Baby. Cinco tried to flee, but was shot and wounded by Trudy. Convinced he was going to die, Cinco promised Crockett that he would testify against Alvarado if they saved his life (although he refused to give up any information on Ramirez, out of fear).


  • Cinco's fate is not explicitly revealed in the show -- while he claims he is dying after being shot, he also bargains with Crockett to testify against Alvarado in exchange for medical attention. It is therefore assumed he lived and testified as promised, although it seems unlikely this would be enough to get him off for the attempting murder of a police officer.