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Christine Von Marburg


Left Country in 1987
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Christine Von Marburg is a socialite, the product of Klaus Von Marburg, a German munitions tycoon, and made her own fortune in the business CVM Enterprises. In 1987 Christine crossed paths with Vice detective James "Sonny" Crockett, using his "Sonny Burnett" cover, working on a case involving financier Charles Symington, and they began a red-hot romance. Christine's other ventures included the Caprice Escort Service, a call-girl/phone sex business that she is a stockholder of (and one of her girls, Ali Ferrand, along with Symington, were killed by goons working for another entrepreneur Christine was involved with both professionally and personally, Kenneth Togaru). Christine was named "Businesswoman of the Year" by the Miami Chamber of Commerce and as part of the reward, a local TV station did a background check on her and found out about her "other investments", blindsiding Christine and Crockett, who got that info just as it appeared on live TV. Christine was brought into custody, and offered a deal--a free walk in exchange for bringing down Togaru. Both Christine and Crockett were brokenhearted over the turn of events and the fact both were lying to the other, but they were successful and Togaru and his goons were killed. Christine decided to leave the country and end her "joke on her father's money" businesses, to get the heat off of her for awhile.