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Charlie Glide


Stock/Drug Broker
Incarcarated, first-degree murder in 1986
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Charlie Glide is a broker of stocks and other securities, but also deals in drugs, however he acts as the go-between, not getting in contact with either the drugs or the money, just arranging the meetings. In 1986 he, along with his assistant Max Rogo, arranged such a deal with the Peruvian national Zabado, the widow Lydia Sugarman, heir to the Sugarman electronic empire, with Tim Davis and his sister Sara acting as the "mules", with Sara bringing in the sample in her body while Tim delivers it. However Sara dies when one of the cocaine balloons in her GI tract ruptures, and Tim is arrested, later killed by Max. Glide is also forced to accept a deal when James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs gave Glide counterfeit buy money when a drug deal brokered with him and Max went sour when Glide figured out Crockett/Tubbs were cops. The deal with Sugarman and Zabado also went sour when Lydia killed Zabado, thinking he was in league with the police, then the cops raid the deal site and arrest or kill the associates and arrest Sugarman. Crockett (incensed by Glide's deal which caused his friend Sara's death) was ready to punch out Glide when he tried to wiggle out of trouble (which is how he always stayed "clean", not even getting a traffic ticket) when Castillo arrives with a gun and asks Glide if it is his, he answers yes, and Castillo has him arrested for first-degree murder, despite Glide's pleas that he was innocent.