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Charlie Fusco


Confidante of Al Lombard
Secretly working with Frederico Librizzi
Deceased, shot down by James "Sonny" Crockett before Fusco could kill Lombard in 1985
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Charlie Fusco was the confidante of mobster Al Lombard, who worked closely with him to handle his empire of gambling, women, and other areas of interest. But Fusco was lured over to Frederico Librizzi, Lombard's boss' son who took over the Librizzi empire after his father's death, and was not too sure that Lombard would not testify against him despite a subpoena forcing a contempt citation if he fails to testify at the grand jury, so Librizzi asked Fusco to "take care of" Lombard, promising him Lombard's action if he succeeds. Fusco baits the trap by saying he "took care of" Librizzi but had to meet Lombard near a bridge construction site to finalize his departure from the country, instead Fusco planned to kill Lombard himself, but was shot down by Vice cop James "Sonny" Crockett so he and his partner Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs can take Lombard into protective custody.