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Charlie Basset


Husband of Callie Basset
Con Man
Deceased, shot dead by James "Sonny" Crockett and Larry Zito
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Charlie Basset is the husband of Callie Basset, a beauty that uses her sexual charms to sucker in someone with a long sob story about her horrible marriage, abusive husband, etc., then have that person make a drug buy to Charlie, who would then meet the person in a remote area, shoot them dead, and bury his car (and body) in sand. Callie met Sonny Burnett at a poolside bar while they waited for Sergio Clemente. Callie ran ice on her body and plunked it in Crockett's drink, later told her sob story, then went to her place where Callie wanted Crockett "between the sheets" before Charlie beat Crockett up and threw him out of the room. Later Callie sets up the drug deal (after Charlie beats Callie up, with her acquiescence), but Crockett is prepared, with a case made of bullet-proof material. Charlie and Crockett meet at the secluded beach area and tries to kill Crockett, but the case protects him and Larry Zito, who followed Crockett there, shot at Charlie to distract him long enough for Crockett to kill Charlie, the police later locate all the vehicles (and bodies) he buried.