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Charlie Barnett


Miami Vice Character
September 23, 1954, Bluefield, West Virginia
March 16, 1996, Flushing, New York (age 42, AIDS)

Charlie Barnett (September 23, 1954 - March 16, 1996) was an American actor and comedian. He appeared in the show Miami Vice as Nugart "Noogie" Lamont, informant to Crockett and Tubbs in the episodes "Cool Runnin'", "Give a Little, Take a Little", "Golden Triangle (Part II)", "Made for Each Other", "Trust Fund Pirates" and "Missing Hours".

Early Life/Career

Barnett was born in Bluefield, West Virginia. His mother had a drinking problem, and his father had a mental illness, so he was raised by his grandmother. At age 11, he left Bluefield rather than be put in reform school and arrived in Boston to meet his mother, but their relationship deteriorated to the point she kicked him out one year later, leading Barnett to a life of gangs, drugs, crime, and reform school. At age 19, Barnett went to New York City and began to hone his comedic skills on the streets of the Big Apple. In 1980, he had an audition for Saturday Night Live, but failed to show up for the next reading. His part would eventually go to another young comedian, Eddie Murphy. He would make his film debut in 1983's D. C. Cab (with John Diehl) as part of a three-film deal with Universal.

Miami Vice

In 1984, Barnett was brought in to play Nugart Neville "Noogie" Lamont (aka Noogman) in the Miami Vice episode "Cool Runnin'". Barnett's character was designed to be a source of street information regarding drugs (along with Izzy Moreno). Barnett would return for four additional episodes, but an alleged drug-fueled incident involving Don Johnson got him banned from the set, and this (along with a change in the show's direction) led to the "Noogman" role gradually being phased out. He made four appearances in the first season, but only two more in the next three seasons; his last appearance in "Missing Hours" was reduced to pure comic relief instead of a street informant.

After Vice

Barnett fulfilled his movie deal by appearing in My Man Adam (with Veronica Cartwright), Nobody's Fool, and Charlie Barnett's Terms of Enrollment (with Philip Michael Thomas, Richard Belzer, Keith Gordon and John Matuszak). His final film appearance was in They Bite in 1996.


Barnett died on March 16, 1996, of AIDS, possibly as a result of his drug addiction. Comedian Dave Chappelle has cited Barnett as an influence on his career.