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Charles Hatch


Vietnam Vet
Deceased, shot dead by Trudy Joplin after killing Alan Beaks
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Charles Hatch was a veteran of the Vietnam War (served four years), arrested twice (once in 1980 for a concealed weapons charge, again in 1983 for assault) later becoming a hired mercenary, doing any hit job for money, advertising his abilities in the magazine American Mercenary. In 1988 Hatch was hired by schoolteacher Ellen Mason to eliminate Alan Beaks, a man that raped Mason in 1986 and was released after serving 20 months of a 36 month prison sentence, and who was constantly harassing her by calling, visiting her home, visiting her school, and siccing the press on Mason. Hatch agreed to the job for $12,000, provided she never reveal his name or other info, or he would kill her next. Hatch attempted to kill Beaks by strangling him, but had to abort when other tenants of his apartment complex started appearing. Later, Hatch honed his shooting skills on the firing range before using his sniper rifle to fire into Beaks' apartment, killing the convicted rapist, then was killed by Metro-Dade Detective Trudy Joplin after nearly killing Detective (and fellow 'Nam Vet) James "Sonny" Crockett.