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Left after Carrera Cartel's collapse for parts unknown in 1988
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Celeste is the young wife of drug lord Oscar Carrera, whom he married after his first wife's death. She loved not only him but his money and power, and did nothing but lay in the sun and dress up for parties. She was nobody's fool, however, and displayed a tendency to sleep with a loaded gun under her pillow at night. In 1988, Carrera brought onboard Sonny Burnett as his head of security, and Burnett began moving behind the scenes to arrange a coup d'Etat to take over the cartel, which intrigued Celeste, who was also being coveted by her step-son, Miguel Carrera. Burnett arranged for father and son to fight each other, egged on by Celeste, and the mutual jealousy resulted in the patriarch's death at Miguel's hands, after which he turned to drugs and alcohol to kill the pain. Celeste began her full-fledged hot romance with Burnett, even demanding he "take her" after a business meeting, then Miguel realized his former step-mother was having sex with Burnett, and planned to kill them both when a hitman hired by the Carrera's rival, El Gato, shot Miguel dead, leaving Burnett as head of the cartel. With Celeste by his side, Burnett's power increased, and Burnett showered her with lavish gifts, including diamond rings, bracelets, and a necklace around the neck of their new pet panther, Morris. But Cliff King, who saw himself as the new head of the cartel, only to be elbowed aside by Burnett, began his own takeover by convincing everyone Burnett was unreliable, being addicted to drugs and alcohol, and got the ear of Celeste, whose own "needs" were being foresaken by Burnett, and she arranged to lure Burnett into a car bomb, but she warned Burnett at the last minute just before the car exploded, injuring Burnett. When Burnett confronted Celeste about her role in the bombing, she admitted it was King that planned it and Burnett was about to assault her when his Sonny Crockett memories and personality returned and he could not do so, instead taking Celeste in his arms. After the Carrera cartel was brought down, Celeste packed her bags to move on, her husband and lovers gone. Just then El Gato showed up, planning to kill them both, when Celeste told Gato her money and jewels were in a room occupied by Morris; when Gato opened the door, Morris attacked.