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Sex World performer
Boyfriend of Jackie McSeidan
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Cat is a performer at the Sex World club in Miami. In 1986 he was the boyfriend (and show partner) of Jackie McSeidan, a recent runaway and prostitute. Cat's goal is to get Jackie away from that lifestyle and do better for both of them in another city. Cat "saved himself" for Jackie and truly loves her, but she rebuffs his marriage proposals, and he knows Jackie's secret double life as the "crayon killer". Cat becomes jealous of Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs' attempts to get her info halfway houses, saying he's trying to "steal his girl", and searches the city for her when Tubbs takes her to the Safe House. Cat gets Jackie's location out of James "Sonny" Crockett by following him to the Safe House, where he arrives--too late, as Jackie killed herself before Cat could get to her.

Although his ultimate fate is never revealed, it is likely he was incarcerated for failing to alert the authorities to Jackie's actions, an act that could've saved several lives.