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Detective Lieutenant, Commander of Metro-Dade Organized Crime Bureau-Vice Division

Castillo (played by Barry Shabaka Henley) is a detective lieutenant in the film adaptation of the Miami Vice television series. While he leads his team with a strictly by-the-books policy, he will not hesitate to back up his officers even when faced by superiors in higher echelons of law enforcement and investigation.

Career In Vice

Castillo was part of the team that discovered the body of Alonzo Stevens' wife at their family home, and subsequently ordered Crockett and Tubbs not to come to the house, despite their protests given how they knew the people involved, but to instead meet him atop a car park in downtown Miami. He brings with him Agent Fujima of the FBI and together the four of them establish their plan to bring down the Aryan brotherhood gang members responsible for the death of some of Fujima's agents, through their employer José Yero. Castillo's next involvement in the case is at a later meeting between the four men, at which point he shows no hesitation in stepping in to defend Crockett from Fujima's anger, despite his own uncertainty regarding Crockett's actions. When Trudy is later captured by the Aryan Brotherhood, Castillo commands the assault team that attempts to rescue her, and also leads the Metro-Dade sniper team that locates and eliminates the Brotherhood sharpshooters at the final confrontation with Yero, thereby triggering a large gunfight that ultimately leads to Yero's death.


Castillo uses an M4A1 Carbine during the assault on the trailer park.

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