Cassie Bramlette

Cassie Bramlette
Joey Bramlette (husband)
Tammy Bramlette (daughter)
Played By

Cassie Bramlette was the wife of Joey Bramlette.

When the Bramlettes' daughter Tammy was kidnapped by drug smugglers working for Enrique Ruiz, Cassie and her husband organised a group of friends to try and rescue her.


Cassie and her husband Joey Bramlette at one time worked for Colombian drug lord Enrique Ruiz, helping him move his product through the Everglades. However, when Joey agreed to testify against Ruiz, the dealer sent his men to kidnap Cassie and Tammy -- while Cassie managed to escape, Tammy was not so lucky and was taken prisoner by local thugs (and Ruiz employees) Floyd and Billy Joe Higgins. Knowing Ruiz would kill Tammy whether her husband testified or not, Cassie gather a group of close friends whom she could trust with the intention of taking her daughter back. Meanwhile, Bramlette heard of his daughter's plight and escaped protective custody, returning to Okeechobee Springs to help save her.

Knowing that Crockett and Tubbs, the cops assigned to Bramlette's case, would follow him from Miami, Bramlette had Cassie pick them up and bring them to their safehouse. With the two Vice cops' help, the locals were able to rescue Tammy, killing many of Ruiz' men in the process, and Crockett reunited a tearful Cassie with her daughter.
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