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|Box title = Carlos Mendez
|Box title = Carlos Mendez
|Image file = carlosmendez.jpg
|Image file = carlosmendez.png
|Image size = 200x250
|Image size = 200x250
|Row 1 title = Affiliation
|Row 1 title = Affiliation

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Carlos Mendez


Calderone middleman
Handler of hitman Ludovici Armstrong
In jail, consipracy to murder
Episodes appeared in
Played By

Carlos Mendez (born 1951) is a middleman for drug lord Calderone, maintaining residences in New York, Puerto Rico, and Miami. Calderone sent him to be the handler of professional assassin Ludovici Armstrong to ensure the eight drug dealers/cops on his "hit list" were all killed. Mendez left a clue behind in a hotel where the two of them were staying, briefly making the police think he's the hitman, but found out that was not true when Linus Oliver was killed while Mendez was in custody. After intense interrogation by Crockett, Tubbs, and Metro-Dade, they found out Calderone was on St. Andrews Island in the Bahamas, and that only he knew the hitman's true identity, giving Crockett & Tubbs the opening to pursue Calderone.


  • Although his actual fate is never explicitly stated, it is assumed Mendez was sent to jail charged with seven counts of consipracy to commit murder.