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Carlos Mendez


Calderone cartel
Handler for Ludovici Armstrong
Incarcerated, conspiracy to commit murder
Played By

Carlos Mendez (born 1951) was a middleman working for drug lord Esteban Calderone who served as handler for hitman Ludovici Armstrong.

Originally misidentified as the hitman himself, Mendez was arrested by OCB and was eventually forced to give up Calderone's location, leading to the dealer's downfall.


A man of no small fortune, Mendez maintained residences in New York, Puerto Rico and Miami. When Calderone hired Ludovici Armstrong to eliminate several targets in Miami ahead of his planned return to the city, he had Mendez act as the hitman's handler. However, Mendez left behind a receipt in a motel that identified him to the Metro-Dade Police Department, leading them to initially believe he was the hitman himself. He was arrested during a sting operation organized with the assistance of Linus Oliver (one of Armstrong's targets) and subjected to intense questioning regarding Armstrong and Calderone. Eventually, under intense pressure, Mendez cracked, revealing that Calderone was on St. Andrews Island in The Bahamas, and that only he knew the hitman's true identity, giving Crockett and Tubbs the opening to pursue Calderone.


  • Although Mendez' fate is never explicitly stated, it is assumed he was sent to jail charged with seven counts of conspiracy to commit murder.