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Carlos Escobar


Former Employee, Air America
Deceased, shot dead by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
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Carlos Escobar was a former mercenary and employee of Air America, the CIA-backed cover airline used during the Vietnam War with Eric Haliwell. Escobar had a very high tolerance of pain, to the point of enjoyment, and used this during encounters with call girls. In 1989 Escobar and Haliwell were involved in a spree of hooker killings, with the final blow an Asian symbol carved into the bodies. Escobar got the ladies for his enjoyment before Haliwell killed them. As part of an undercover operation, Metro-Dade sent Detective Trudy Joplin, disguised as one of the call girls who liked to do whatever a man wanted, when she was contacted by Escobar, and they spent an evening where it's revealed that Escobar liked S&M, and forced Trudy to whip him continuously. Later Escobar called Trudy back and he and Haliwell strapped her to a table and Haliwell performed the Asian torture falanga on Trudy. Trudy's backup arrived and a shootout began, Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs shot Escobar dead after Carlos tried to shoot Tubbs.