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May 4, 1949, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Carlos Augusto Cestero (born May 4, 1949) is a Puerto Rican actor. He appeared in the show Miami Vice as Frank Arriola, Customs agent and brother of Tico Arriola in the episode "Killshot" and as Arturo Uribe, former detective and friend of Martin Castillo in the episode "Borrasca".

Early Life/Career

Cestero was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, later moving to New York City. In high school, he began acting in plays, later attending the University of Puerto Rico, Brooklyn College and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. He performed in several plays, including Bye Bye, Birdie, The Threepenny Opera, and The Gentleman of Verona as well as several plays in his native Puerto Rico. He made his American television debut in 1975, appearing on the late-night mystery show Wide World Mystery. He appeared in 1983's Scarface (with Pepe Serna, Al Israel, and Richard Belzer), which inspired many elements of the next show he would appear on.

Miami Vice

In 1986, Cestero was cast as Customs agent Frank Arriola in the third season episode "Killshot". He was being blackmailed by madam Isabel Batista (played by Maria Duval) with a tape of his brother Tico Arriola (played by Fernando Allende) "killing" one of her girls in a fit of rage in exchange for confidential Customs codes. He killed Batista after learning that Tico died on the jai-alai cancha. He later appeared as Auturo Uribe in the fifth season episode "Borrasca" (credited as Carlos Cesteros). Uribe was a retired detective who tried to get info on Borrasca and his group, and was killed with machetes, one of the more violent deaths in the series.

Coincidentally, both of Cestero's appearances on Miami Vice found him playing a good friend of one of the main cast members (James "Sonny" Crockett in "Killshot" and Martin "Marty" Castillo in "Borrasca").

After Vice

Cestero appeared in the movie Clinton and Nadine (with Mario Ernesto Sanchez & Julio Oscar Mechoso) before a guest part in the TV series Superboy. He had a role in the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (with George Takei and Iman). His most recent credited role was in the movie Cottonmouth in 2002.