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Calvin Teal


Bunco Artist
Last seen on plane scamming people in 1988
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Calvin Teal (aliases Chuck Teasdale, Clyde T. Rose, Calvin Tuttle) is a bunco artist with a rap sheet with offenses in Los Angeles, Denver and Louisiana, where he bilked investment bankers for $100,000 on a phony mutual funds deal. His latest scam is investing in bull semen from a well endowed bull named "Gargantua" (deceased). Two tanks of the semen were found at a drug deal involving a dealer named Roxy. One was confiscated by the police for examination (thinking it was a bomb) and the other was stolen, and Teal wants them back. Teal finds the other tank is being held by a man named Paco, and he wants to make a deal. Teal convinces Stan Switek to invest $14,000 to bring the total offer to $100,000, because the semen will bring much more when cows are made. Teal then finds the "real" tank (which is a fake) and prompts a bidding war between FBI Agent Timothy Anderson and Cuban Rojas up to $1 million, which Teal manages to escape with and is last seen on a plane trying to scam others into his bull semen investment.