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Caesar Montoya


Head of Medellin Drug Cartel
Deceased, killed in shootout with Metro-Dade Police and SRT
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Caesar Montoya was one of the heads of the Medellin Drug Cartel in Costa Morada, working closely with, then against, its' dictator, General Manuel Borbon. In 1989, when Montoya got word Borbon was leaving the country in the midst of the civil unrest, Montoya decided to send hit squads to kill him and the Americans (James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs) who were helping him escape, as Montoya did not want Borbon talking to the Americans/DEA/FBI/etc. Montoya stopped at nothing, including using Borbon's aide, Captain Jimindez, to assassinate Borbon from within. When Crockett and Tubbs were successful in getting Borbon out (with the help of covert DEA assistance), Montoya sent his hit squads to Miami in search of Borbon, as well as using his own influences (such as his bribing of Police Chief Richard Highsmith and buying of Stan Switek's gambling debts to exert his influence over where Borbon was stashed) to find the General, but Borbon escaped before his squads could get him at a Safe House, then Switek killed a number of them in a ruse he set up, later Montoya kidnapped Tubbs and held him in exchange for Borbon in a construction site trailer. After Crockett got the location of the trailer out of Highsmith, he, along with Metro police and SRT, surrounded the facility and a shootout began, Crockett got Tubbs out safely while Highsmith, Montoya, and his men were killed and the trailer itself was destroyed.