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Cactus World News


Miami Vice Performer
Eoin McEvoy (vocals/guitar)
Frank Kearns (guitar)
Wayne Sheehy (drums)
Feargel MacAndris (bass)

Cactus World News is an Irish rock band whose song "State of Emergency" appeared in the episode "El Viejo" of the series Miami Vice.


The band was founded by Eoin McEvoy and Frank Kearns. Their first single, "The Bridge", was produced by Bono of U2 and became their best-known song. Their debut Urban Beaches  containing "State of Emergency" as featured in Miami Vice epsidode  was released in 1986 and although not achieving the success of their compatriots U2, the album went on to sell over 250,000 copies mostly in the United States. In the featured Miami Vice Episode, "State of Emergency" was edited to lengthen the tail section featuring Kearns unique haunting feedback sound. Their second album, No Shelter, was postponed due to commercial decisions arising from MCA merger with Seagram (originally scheduled for release in 1989 but not released until 2004) and the band was released from their recording contract. CWN disbanded in 1991 with various members continuing with solo projects. In 2003 Kearns produced Colin Farrell music debut "I fought the law"  for the Intermission Soundtrack. Frank Kearns released a solo album "Walking the Waves" in 2006 and has contributed his guitar playing skills to three songs on  Australian legends The Church's last album "Untitled #23"