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DEA Agent
Incarcerated, conspiracy with Ernesto Guerrero to ship illegal arms to Chile
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Agent Brody was an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, working with an operation to stem the flow of drugs from South America to the US. Brody was also working closely with a member of Chile's Special Police, Ernesto Guerrero, who was brought into the US under the guise of a law enforcement agent working with the DEA, but in reality they were working to get arms into Chile, in violation of the then-existing arms ban, and Guerrero paid Brody $20,000 to arrange a meet with his former co-worker Speed Stiles to arrange for weapons delivery, including "Baseballs" (cluster bombs). Brody used his DEA authority to prevent Metro-Dade's Vice division from questioning Guerrero on the double murder of Cinder and Shane DuBois, but eventually Vice tracked down Brody's money source and arrested him on conspiracy charges.