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Girlfriend of James "Sonny" Crockett
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Brenda (last name unknown) is an architect for an unnamed company, said to not be as big as Arquitectonica at the time, but still a known name in the restoring of the Art Deco buildings in South Beach. In 1985 she began dating Detective James "Sonny" Crockett, a romance that heated up into passion (or as Crockett called it, "LWP--Lust With Potential") and got to the point it began to distract both from their jobs. During a breakfast, Crockett's partner Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs called Brenda out about any future with her and Crockett; that her high-class lifestyle would trump Crockett's life, and that she would not want to take part in anything Crockett wanted to do with his police buddies. Brenda became angry and did not wake Crockett up for an early meet with Tubbs, as a result Tubbs was beaten by security from bookie Morgan, and Crockett began to see for himself how the relationship was going, and decided (mutually, as it turned out) to slow things down, though it turned into a breakup, as neither would be seen with the other again.