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Boon Phratek


Hitman working for General Lao Li
Deceased, committed suicide by swallowing his tongue
Played By

Boon Phratek was a hitman working for General Lao Li. When Albert Szarbo betrayed Li and took the documents he had been ordered to steal for himself, the General had Phratek kill Szarbo and his accomplice and mutilate them as a warning to others not to do the same.

The Vice squad eventually tracked Phratek to the restaurant where he worked; after Castillo defeated him in a brawl, he committed suicide by swallowing his tongue rather than be arrested.


When Albert Szarbo tried to flee with the papers he had been ordered to steal from a Miami hotel by General Lao Li, Li dispatched Phratek to eliminate him and his accomplice and butcher them as a warning to others not to cross him. Phratek caught up with the two traitors at the seedy Miami motel where they were laying low, ensuring they "took a long time to die".

Following the brutal killings and learning of the Thai connection, Crockett, Tubbs and Castillo began trawling the Thai restaurants in Miami in search of the killer. When they finally located Phratek, the assassin fled, but was cornered by Castillo in an alleyway. The two men engaged each other in a brutal martial arts duel, from which the Vice Lieutenant emerged victorious. Rather than face questioning at the hands of police, Phratek killed himself by swallowing his own tongue before he could give up Lao Li.


  • The character is credited as simply "Siamese Assassin" in the episode's end credits, yet his ID card identifies him as Book Phratek.