Bobby Profile

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Bobby Profile
Car Dealer
Money Launderer for Sylvio Romulus
Deceased, killed with bomb set off by Legba's men in 1985
Episode Appeared In
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Bobby Profile was a car dealer in Miami, selling his cars at low prices and matching any other offer in the area. Profile was also a money launderer, and Legba right hand man Sylvio Romulus visited Profile to launder thousands of dollars he allegedly stole from Legba. After Romulus was killed by Legba's Zofodo, Legba called up Profile wanting $500,000 of his money that Romulus stole and Profile had. Profile told him he invested the money and didn't have all of it now, but Legba had several men visit Profile's dealership, drop off a bomb, clean out his money, and get out before the bomb exploded, killing Profile.

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