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Bobby Diaz


Metro-Dade Detective
Partner of Eddie Trumbull
Deceased, shot dead by Glenn McIntyre at pier
Episode Appeared In
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Bobby Diaz was a Metro-Dade Detective and partner of Eddie Trumbull. Young, ambitious, and hungry, both he and Eddie were planning to become Sergeants together when they were assigned to serve a warrant on a fugitive named De La Cruz. They brought in Senior Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs as backup, and Tubbs went up to the room where De La Cruz was staying. Trumbull was first through the door, but encountered a bomb set in the booby-trapped room, and while Diaz and Tubbs were injured, Trumbull was mortally wounded and died en route to the hospital. Diaz then vowed revenge against those responsible for Trumbull's death, and though shaken up by the events, he returned to work. Tubbs arrived in OCB and was pulling Vice case files for Onofrio Avila when Diaz and Tubbs had an exchange, Diaz indicating his disappointment on Tubbs' quitting the force (never knowing Tubbs was involved in a secret plan to flush the leak causing the booby-traps) while Tubbs mocks Diaz as a young punk "buying corsages for the prom" while he was in New York busting dealers. Diaz later thought Tubbs was working for the source of the leak that got Trumbull killed, and went to the dock where Tubbs, Avila, and Glenn McIntyre were meeting when Diaz began firing at them, McIntyre mortally wounded Diaz before taking his own life, and Diaz died in Tubbs' arms still believing Tubbs had turned bad. Tubbs laid his gold shield (Diaz's and Trumbull's stated goal) on Diaz's body as it was taken away.