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Black Book
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Rank and File
Chip Kinman
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"Black Book" is a song by Rank and File, featured on the album Rank and File in 1987. It appeared in the Miami Vice episode "Amen... Send Money".


  • This was Rank and File's last album. Chip and Tony Kinman formed a new project band, Blackbird, in 1988.
  • In the episode, the video for the song is playing on a TV in a bar where Crockett and Tubbs are discussing their case. After Crockett asks for the channel to be changed, other customers complain. Crockett growls, "We'll get back to you headbangers in a second!" (Sonny's tastes run to traditional country and Southern rock.) Indeed, the album's hard-rock approach was a departure from Rank and File's first two records, which were in the "cowpunk" style. Crockett might have liked them a bit more.


  • Chip Kinman - guitar, vocals
  • Tony Kinman - bass, vocals
  • Jeff Ross - guitar, keyboards
  • R. Kahr - drums