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Billy Swain


Crack Dealer
Incarcerated for Statutory Rape and Possession of Cocaine as of 1989
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Billy Swain is a Miami crack dealer, who operated in a rundown section of the city and got his supply from a man named Cordera. In 1989, Swain paid a late night visit to Yvonne, a "client" who had trouble paying her tab; As Yvonne attempted to plea for more time to get the money that she owed him, Swain struck Yvonne across the face and proceeded to tear up her house while her teen-aged daughter, Lynette, hid in her room. Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs arrived and busted through the front door, but Swain managed to escape out the back. Later, after Yvonne paid her tab with money she got from her old friend Valerie Gordon, Swain still refused to sell his stash to her for "wasting too much of his time". Desperate, Yvonne offered to have sex with Swain, but Swain refused and demanded she instead allow him to have sex with Lynette in exchange for crack, which she refused at first but then her addiction took over and Swain raped Lynette. Shortly after Swain left Yvonne's house, Lynette stabbed her mother to death for selling her for drugs. Swain was arrested later as the prime suspect in Yvonne's murder and the rape of Lynette, but Lynette failed (intentionally) to identify her rapist in a lineup, and Swain went free. Later that evening, Lynette went to Swain's home with several bottles of wine, intending on killing Swain with Valerie's gun, but was stopped by Valerie and Tubbs, and Swain was arrested for the statutory rape of Lynette (and probably for his drug dealings as well).