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Billy Crockett


James "Sonny" Crockett (father)
Caroline Crockett-Ballard (mother)
Bob Ballard (step-father)
One half-brother
Played By
Ryan St. Leon ("Brother's Keeper", "Calderone's Return (Part I)")
Clayton Barclay Jones ("Child's Play", "Like a Hurricane", "To Have and to Hold")

Billy Crockett (born 1978) was the son of Metro-Dade Police Department Detective James "Sonny" Crockett and Caroline Crockett-Ballard. Both parents are devoted to him, especially his father, who would buy him police cars for his birthday (though his police duties made it difficult to be there for his childhood milestones and events).


Life in Miami

In 1984, Billy's parents began divorce proceedings, their relationship fractured by the stress of his father Sonny's job. Billy's mother Caroline wanted to move to Atlanta with her son, where she had gotten a new job, but the very idea enraged Crockett. Ironically, the bitterness of their legal battle led to Sonny and Caroline reconciling and electing to give their marriage another shot. However, when all three were almost killed by hitman Ludovici Armstrong, Crockett realized the dangers of his job and agreed both to the divorce and to let Caroline move away Billy.

Living with Caroline and Bob

Billy learning to drive in his dad's Ferrari, 1987.

In 1987, Crockett shot a 13 year-old child who drew a gun on him, and in his grief and anger at himself he realized how he had been an absent father to Billy for the last three years. Hoping to make amends, he drove up to see Billy, although his son was understandably distant at first. The two reconciled over driving lessons that Crockett gave Billy in his Ferrari Testarossa. Later, Crockett discovered Caroline was engaged to businessman Bob Ballard and learned of his desire to formally adopt Billy; once again Crockett went ballistic at the idea, refusing to even consider that request. However, recognizing his absence in Billy's life, he vowed to be a better father and see more of his son; to this end, he invited Billy to his wedding with Caitlin Davies later that year.

Billy's new brother

By 1989, Caroline had fallen pregnant with her second child -- and her first with Bob Ballard -- and the revelation caused Billy to begin acting disruptively at school, getting into fights and skipping class. Crockett came to see Billy (at Caroline's request) and helped him get over his anger at the impending new arrival, sharing happy memories about growing up with his own brothers. Billy's father convinced him that he would be close friends with his brother, and that he should be a little easier on his mom and Bob.

Later the same year, Crockett and Billy went on a fishing trip with a pole bought by Castillo, who told Crockett Crockett to "give Billy a hug for me". Billy continued to live in Atlanta with his mom, step-father Bob, and his brother.


  • Caroline and Billy make cameos in the series finale "Freefall" in the form of photographs seen inside Crockett's locker as he arms up for final showdown of his career.
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