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Incarcarated, Bribery
Obstruction of Justice
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Benedict is a lawyer practicing in Miami, specializing in drug-related and homicide cases. He managed to broker a deal with a judge, Roger Ferguson, to get his clients off on charges in exchange for money that Ferguson needed to pay off gambling debts owed to a racketeer, Pagone. Metro-Dade's Homicide Division reported several "slam-dunk" cases that Ferguson let fade into ROR or dismiss outright, leading them to refer to the judge as "Let-'em-Run" Ferguson. In the Vice Division, a dealer named Ortega was given a $7000 bond instead of the $2 million the state requested thanks to Benedict. Later when Ortega's gofer Berlioz asks Benedict for a similar favor, the Vice detectives recorded the entire exchange (as well as Benedict's visit with Ferguson) to corroborate the evidence of Benedict's involvement, and he is arrested.