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Ben Schroeder


Metro-Dade Detective Sergeant, Internal Affairs Division
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Ben Schroeder is a Detective Sergeant with the Metro-Dade Police Department, assigned to Internal Affairs Division, who makes a deal with Albert "Al" Lombard's right-hand man Vincent DeMarco to gain DeMarco immunity from prosecution in exchange for naming as his bookmaking partner James "Sonny" Crockett, and observes DeMarco giving Crockett $8000 (which DeMarco claims was the cash equivalent of Jerry Carrow's work equipment they sold for his wife Barbara's gambling debts), after which Schroeder (and two Metro-Dade officers) arrested Crockett, calling him a "One Eyed Jack". Schroeder gained access to Crockett's arrest files as part of his investigation, gleefully antagonizing Crockett all along the way until he crossed the line and Castillo heavily admonished Schroeder for badmouthing Crockett in his office, and feels with Crockett's record, Schroeder was "had" by DeMarco to gain his immunity. Later, when Tubbs infiltrated Lombard's organization and got DeMarco in hot water with the crime lord over a $2000 cockfighting take discrepancy, DeMarco was forced to sign a statement exonerating Crockett, which Zito got to Schroeder to "eat", ending his investigation and Crockett's personal hell.