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Be My Enemy
Featured in Episode
Top Chart Position (Hot 100)
Did Not Chart
Year Released
This Is the Sea
Mike Scott
RIAA Certification
Sequence song appears
(Lend Me an Ear) Crockett and Tubbs chase boat during opening
(A Bullet for Crockett) Flashback to above scene
Previous Song
The Afternoon Place "We Touch"
A Bullet for Crockett "Don't Dream It's Over"
Next Song
Lend Me an Ear "Respect Yourself"
A Bullet for Crockett "Diamond Field"

"Be My Enemy" is a song by The Waterboys, featured on the album This Is the Sea in 1985. It appeared in the Miami Vice episodes "Lend Me an Ear" and "A Bullet for Crockett".


  • "Be My Enemy" is one of 11 songs that were reused in more than one episode of Miami Vice.
  • The Waterboys are another band that was popular in the UK but never caught on in the US. None of their albums or singles ever reached the Billboard Hot 100 Singles or Top 200 Albums charts.
  • Karl Wellinger left the band to form his own group, World Party (who also has a song in this episode, "The Ballad of the Little Man".


  • Mike Scott - lead vocals, guitar
  • Karl Wellinger - keyboards
  • Anthony Thistlewaite - bass guitar