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Barbara Carrow


Jerry Carrow (husband)
Deceased, killed on Vincent DeMarco's orders
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Barbara Carrow was the wife of Jerry Carrow, and a former girlfriend of Metro-Dade Detective James "Sonny" Crockett. She had a history of gambling problems, and was seriously in debt with Al Lombard's bookies.

She was murdered by someone in the Lombard organization as an example to those who don't repay what they owe, although the individual(s) responsible were never definitively proven.


Carrow's gambling addiction caused her to get into debt with various bookies, including Mickey, who was a part of the Lombard organization. When she approached Mickey to beg for more time to repay her debts, Mickey had his heavy Russack assault her; Barbara was saved by the timely arrival of Crockett and Tubbs, who had Mickey's office under surveillance.

Barbara explained her situation to Crockett -- she was severely in debt, and Mickey's boss Vincent DeMarco had confiscated her husband Jerry's tools (their only source of income) to recoup some of what she owed. She begged Crockett to help get the tools back, but when he pressured DeMarco the loan shark ended up framing him for corruption. Her situation not improved, Barbara later met with DeMarco, who suggested there may be "a better way" for her to settle her debt, inviting her to join him in his limo.

Barbara's body was later found in a pond, shot execution-style. Exactly who had ordered Barbara's death was never definitively proven -- Crockett blamed Lombard, but Lombard himself claimed to have had no part in her murder, implying DeMarco may have been acting on his own.


  • Carrow's age is never mentioned in dialogue, but Tubb's calls in an APB stating that her age is in the mid-30's.